Barry Howard Limited small logo Barry Howard Limited Project Presentation "No matter how powerful the concept, it is often the magic of the presentation-delivered in person by the Designer and supported by dramatic renderings, models, or computer generated simulations-that galvanizes the interest of the client, developer or investor."

  Lotte Universe


Illustrating the complex concept for Lotte Universe*, a twenty-first century themed attraction combining cutting-edge entertainment technology with thought-provoking content, mandated spectacular renderings such as this bird's eye view of the site, substantive text, and realistic cost projections.

*Generated in collaboration with Design Alliance of Los Angeles. (Key Personnel: Nina Ahn and David Kim)





One focal experience-a ride to the core of a volcano-drawn from the underlying thematic structure of Earth, Air, Fire and Water symbolized on the Korean National flag.

  Lotte Universe

KEY PROJECT STAFF:Troy Birdsong - Lynn Paris - Evie Kyriakopolous, Grigor Boy (renderings)

CLIENT: Lotte Moolsan, Inc.

  Touch American History





Touch American History, a proposed traveling exhibition celebrating the documents that chronicle the evolution of the American experience, is expressed in both a fund-raising brochure and video that fully explain the attraction.




The central exhibition integrates rare documents with touch-sensitive computer inquiry that rewards visitors with the historical context and significance of each document.

   Touch American History

KEY PROJECT STAFF:Lyn Henley - Brent Carver

CLIENT: Touch American History, Inc.

  The Sports Immortals Experience



Presented in a colorful fund-raising document, an extraordinary collection of sports artifacts and memorabilia is brought to life in The Sports Immortals Experience, a next generation Cultural Attraction designed to fit within existing retail and entertainment venues.




Immortals from the past, incised in metal icons of the sports with which they were associated, are featured in the canopied entrance walkway. On either side of the walkway, the landscape is filled with precious artifacts, replicas of which are for sale in the retail area.

  Sports Immortal Experience

KEY PROJECT STAFF: Lynn Paris - Michael Palumbo - Troy Birdsong - Linda Markey

CLIENT: Sports Immortals, Inc.