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"The more complex the project, the greater demand for maintaining an objective overview of the project's mission, goals and objectives. Large-scale projects almost always mandate the creation of multi-disciplinary teams and strategic alliances, the members of which each bring another vantage point to the process. The skill with which these perspectives are integrated, and the insight required to bring the many parts to a cohesive whole is the responsibility of the Project Director".

American Freedom Train





The seemingly impossible task of bringing together locomotive and car restoration, one-of-a-kind artifacts, and an enormous spectrum of media, all assembled within the constraints of a rail-borne exhibition, raised project direction to a new level.





Each car was furnished with a moving walkway, synchronized sound, and a vast array of presentation technology embracing precious and irreplaceable artifacts and documents.

American Freedom Train

KEY PROJECT STAFF:John Moy - Fred George - Frank DeSanto - Ron Pietruska - Emelie Howard

CLIENT: The American Freedom Train Foundation

  Electric Energy Pavillion



The Electric Energy Pavilion required intense coordination both in Los Angeles and Korea. The Pavilion incorporated a unique structural glass floor system that symbolized a great sea of energy. Islands of technology rose above the floor to illustrate current and future energy technologies, while a futuristic model city was visible under the floor surface.




The soaring twenty meter atrium, infused with both natural and artificial light, was the perfect setting for a unique animated dichroic glass sculpture that both reflected and refracted the light, to the delight of the Pavilion's many visitors.

Electric Energy Pavillion

 KEY PROJECT STAFF:Patti Drum - Fred George - John Low - Peter Seyfarth - Steve Fernandez

CLIENT: Supertek, Inc.



  US Pavillion, Louisiana World Exposition


The creation of a U.S. Pavilion demands coordination with many constituencies, including the Federal government, the Fair administration,fabricators, subject "experts", film producers, assorted vendors and myriad design disciplines. The story of Fresh Water in America was the subject of this 1984 Pavilion, which received high praise for its innovative design and coherent storyline.





Each gallery was devoted to examining a different aspect of water, beginning with the Science of Water, introduced in the first of eight highly interactive galleries.

US Pavillion, Louisiana World Exposition

KEY PROJECT STAFF:Frank DeSanto - Lyn Henley - Terry McEnery - Scott Palomar - Bob Kosturak - Lynn Paris

CLIENT: United States Department of Commerce