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"To see a project through to completion is the designer's highest reward, and to be fortunate enough to have more than twenty facilities currently in operation in this country and abroad is indeed a privilege.

The following are among the most recent to open to the public."

National Prisoner Of War Museum Told through the voices of this country's POWs, from the American Revolution to the Gulf War, this highly interactive and immersive museum celebrates the courage and dignity of those who were captured, and honors the spirit of survival.

In this Gallery, entitled "News and Communication," the walls are papered with authentic letters from POWs to their loved ones, and a vast archive of correspondence can be accessed on video.

Visitors are immersed in the physical and emotional experience of being stripped of their freedom, as in this isolation area. Here visitors can look into one cell,as though they were guards peeking in on the solitary prisoner, and then can enter a second cell, and experience in a small way the feeling of being shut up in that tiny room, with someone's eyes staring in at them. National Prisoner of War Museum
KEY PROJECT STAFF:Lynn Paris - William Maple - Dean Barker- Heather Lindquist
CLIENT: United States Department of Interior, National Park Service

Great World Restaurant -Cafe This themed restaurant brought together a diversity of disciplines to produce a new and dynamic dining experience which is both aesthetically pleasing and informative.Images of natural and cultural diversity appear magically as "night" falls in the main dining room.
 KEY PROJECT STAFF:Adam Davis - Troy Birdsong - Allison Brooker - Lyn Henley
CLIENT: Great World Ventures Pte, Ltd.

 Steam Town National Historic Site



The abandoned yards of the Delaware Lackawanna & Western Railroad have been restored as a national historic site, converting a former eyesore into a dynamic cultural attraction.

The engineering building, one of several interpretive buildings surrounding the roundhouse and central turntable, offers hands-on, interactive opportunities for visitors to get in touch with the operation and maintenance of steam and diesel equipment.

Steam Town National Historic Site 

KEY PROJECT STAFF:Terry McEnery - Robert Tiedemann - Frank DeSanto - Suzi Carroll
ARCHITECTURE: Hemmler, Camayd, Scranton, PA.
CLIENT: United States Department of Interior, National Park Service